Tuesday, June 16, 2009


 He is such a cutie pie!


This is so exciting!

SO THIS WONDERFUL BOX CAME IN TODAY!!! I WAS SCREAMING UP AND DOWN!!! MY HUSBAND WAS EXCITED TOO, LOL HE WAS LIKE "TAKE A PICTURE OF ME GIVING YOU THE BOX!" I WAS LIKE "HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" GOD MY HUSBAND CRACKS ME UP... AND HE FORCED ME TO POST THIS RIGHT NOW AT 2:56 A.M. EVEN IF I AM SO TIRED & HAVE SCHOOL TOMMOROW. I was wondering why the USPS website said it was delivered, but it wasn't at my doorstep when I came home. My Hubby hid it in his car so he can see me excited when he hands it to me after work. He wants me to show off one of his early B-DAY presents he got me lol... I think after this haul I am going to cool it with buying make-up... I can now focus on buying me clothes and shoes this paycheck lol... 

here are the pics ladies!

I got 3 packs of brushguards and a set of pink brushes! yay!


Aren't they beautiful? I read alot of reviews saying they were awesome!


The hubby got me 6 palettes... I only wanted 3 out of them, but he told me to order whatever since it was one of my BDAY presents hehe..


28 pc. Neutral palette


Blush/Combo e/s palette


10 pc. blush palette


88 color palette


78 pc. e/s, blush palette


88 shimmer palette




I'm not trying to brag... It's just I am soo excited! 

Black 12 pc. brush set ... =]


A big boost to my make-up collection


I love birthdays!


again, my brush guards


My proud husband... LOL


Isn't he such a sweetheart!!! Thank you baby for the early Bday presents!!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!! He reads my blog lol... 

So I can feel at ease when I need a e/s color... hehe...=] 


Ares G. said...

Awwww lucky! I'm so jealous. CS is propably the only few thing I don't have in my makeup collection. That also goes with NYX. LoL.

Maybe I'll ask my hubby for my b-day but that's a long way to go and we're planning to move out. Blahhhh.

KRYSTAL said...

HOLY COWW!!!!! vince spoils you so much!! lol. he's so funny

i cracked up when i read this part:

omg, still the funnayy old vince..

i think id cool off in buying makeup too if i HAD THAT MANY PALETTES!! girl you are LUCKY!!!

Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

lmfao yur hubby is 2 funny!!!

lovvve the 88 and blush pallets! i want them noww lol

happy birthday :]

dirtontherocks.com said...

aww what a great hubby he is :) every girl loves getting makeup and the haul you got would def. get me just as excited WOOO HOO! happy early birthday miss. have a great one!

Rai said...

WHAAAAAAAAT! All that for one person?! LMAO!

Your hubby is sooo sweet for that!
Enjoy all your goodies and I can't wait to see some looks.

Chomsiri said...

OH HOLY COWWWWWWWW thats a lot! you are so lucky maggie! my bf doesnt really buy me stuff. he takes me out tho...idk, i feel like i pay more than him but hes a good guy. sigh.

but OMG now will never run out of e/s! hahaha

and ive been wanting to try the brush guard!

A. Rose said...

Haha. Your bf is adorable--he hid your package just so he could see your reaction. That is one amazing bday gift! I love the brush guards! They're total life savers. And I have the 78-piece and the 26combo palette--I think I need to start playing with them again. Thanks for sharing your drool-worthy bday haul!

Fifi said...

I love CS palettes! I only got 2 but now I want more!

&& omg your husband is too funny. lol!!

*ps: I answered your question on my post ;) Happy early birthday, girl!

mszcheysser said...

OMG MAGGIE! Vince is so sweet :) Lucky girl!

Kaz said...

he is so sweet! lol @ his pics! he is totally funny.

great birthday things, girl! :D

Sharlene A [X3MZSHAR] said...

OMG Magggggiiee! He finally caved in to online ordereing?! And damn did he realy cave in! I'm so jealous, I thought I was spoiled.lol u really showed me huh! I want that blush palettteeee! but shipping to guam is a bitch isn't it? Well if u order a single palette its so expensive.

Shantee said...

OMG thats alot! He's so sweet maggie! Nice early b-day gift..i wonder what he's going to give you ON your B-Day..hmm...more makeup? hehe

becky said...

omgoodness...you purchased the whole coastal scents lol joke! But dude this is super cool and its super sweet of you husband. I can only imagine the rush and excitement you felt while you were opening the box.

Im so excited for you!

Let us know how the quality of the brushes :)

Iyah said...

Hahha! Your husband is way too cute for posing with the box! Hahahh! he reminds me of my husband. They're both the same when it comes to surprising me and all.. So much fun!

and WOW at your HAUL girl!! I don't think you still need an eyeshadow for the rest of your life.. ahahah! That is amazing!! & YAY for Brushes!!! :D

Please make a post of your entire make up collection :) I wanna seeeee!! :D

Anonymous said...

aaaw dear such a sweet hubby.. what a blast for you.. that's A LOT!!. wow he's really care about what girls want .you so lucky to have him :) happy early b'day dear!

Pop Champagne said...

OMG HE IS SUCH A SWEETHEART!!! And I love how he gets you what you WANT, not what you need. That shows he cares about you being happy! I'm def going to send my bf this post and be like *hint hint* hahaha!!

*Nehs* said...

oh... how sweet!!! <333

and wow! what a great haul!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, he's so funny! Happy Birthday.

LOVE THE HAUL!! Let me know how you like the pink brushes.. I've been debating those for months now.

KRYSTAL said...

hey maggie!! no u dont have to use mac makeup, that was my contest title cuz your actually going to recreate the look of one of the mac collections exactly as it is.. =D cant wait to see your entry! =]

Mrs.Zeus said...

Awww thats so SWEET!!!

Thats a lot of great stuff from CS!
Im jealous!!!


freshly brewed. said...

i love reading your blog cuz i get excited when it's people from Guam! hehe i use to live there lol.

that's a lot of e/s palettes from coastal scents i have the matte 88 but i never use it, but u make me want to use it =)

thats so nice of ur husband!

Sherry said...

your hubby loves you so much!

first time here and frankly I have no idea how to use the brush lol... new in makeup

Sherry said...

you know man dont like woman spend so much money on makeup and cosmetics. I think they should read your blog to see they are wrong!