Thursday, February 4, 2010


HELLO! BACK FROM THE DEAD! LOL. I'm not even going to go into detail of breaking my new years resolutions, because I broke all of them!!! LOL, including updating this blog often. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY! But I will post one of the looks I did within January.

A simple blend of green and lime yellow shadows....

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. MAC Powder plus foundation- NC40
2. MAC blush- Blush baby
3. ALMAY concealer- Beige

1. BENEFIT- FYI primer
2. NYX TRIO- Serengeti
4. L'oreal Mascara- Black

1. MAC lipstick- A Rose Romance
2. MAC lustreglass- Wonderstruck

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Outfit of the Day: I'm a simple t-shirt and jeans kind of girl during the day.

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I tried to rock my white nailpolish with a navy blue ring-fingernail


Chrissy said...

I Love how you blend your eyeshadow, seriously! I'm also jealous of your lidspace. I wish I had more space to do my eyeshadow onnnn

And I didn't make any NY no guilt. Hehe.

e.motion in motion said...

Miss your posts girl! I loooove the green! lime green is one of my fav colors, so I love it even more :D

And OMG I heeeart your bag! I freaking love the Ocelot print! I was gonna get a small one but I decided not to... and now I regret it =(

Ms.Jenn said...

too cute!

Dhalia said...

Hey Maggie...I'm doing a giveaway prize be sure to check it out and get your entry in. xoxo

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Such a cute look, you're so pretty! :)

M. Uson said...

Thank you everyone!!!

dhalia so sorry... i hope i am not too late to enter into your contest..

bombchelle. said...

I love your nail art. I might even steal it. That navy blue ring finger matches your hubby's occupation.

M. Uson said...

go for it girl! But you made a lil mistake lol. Vince is army not navy lol... it's cool though...