Friday, July 9, 2010

Everyday Summer Day Look

So this is my "EVERYDAY SUMMER LOOK" mostly for indoors... It is soooooo simple and barely any creativity. The reasons being is that..

1. Guam. The island I live on is extraaa hot and humid in the summer, and trust me I've got to stay in an air conditioned room in order for my make-up not to run. ( I just recently bought sweat-proof make-up and I shall test it out lol)

2. Wearing crazy looks during the day, especially in the summer is too dramatic.

3. It's really a no fuss look. Since the eyeshadow colors are so easy to blend with each other.

I used a really pretty make-up palette that I bought at a store called "Javani Beauty" where they sell organic and anti-paraben products. I really love the make-up they have... They are sooo pigmented and supposedly chemically safe.

I need to do a haul blog and reviews on some products. I will be doing a review on this and possibly a make-up video tutorial.

I need to buy a camcorder and a new digital camera.. I only have my DSLR... Anybody have suggestions on great compact digital cams and camcorders?

I could make it more dramatic by putting more color on, but I wanted to keep it simple.

A side view of the blush which may not be noticeable. It is a gorgeous light pink color with golden specks... It really makes my face glow and cheeks light up.

This is the make-up palette I used by Bella Il Fiore. It is called the "Tropique Face Palette". They have gorgeous great make-up!!! Really pigmented eye-shadows... I bought this palette for $28.00.

Perfect golden Summer colors.


The only down side for this palette is the lipstick or lipgloss. It is very sticky, so I did not even bother on wearing it... I would wear it but I just was not in the mood to have pretty sticky lips lol. which kind of brings my rating for this product down.



Fifi said...

I like wearing neutral colors too lately. It's much easier and faster, lol. That palette looks gorgeous and so do you! :)

Dhalia said...

Nice and simple is sometimes the best feeling to have.

Pop Champagne said...

I like this look, it reminds me of flowers, and it's not too bold, something you can wear everyday. Pretty palette too :)

Sarah said...

Omg YAY!!!!! You're back!!! I always check in on your blog every now and then and I just saw your comment on my blog and nearly died!!! Woo-hoo!! lol I've missed ya!
And I see things haven't changed- you are still as gorgeous as ever : )
That palette is so pretty- shame about the gloss but the eyeshadows are such shimmery goodness!!

lindah said...

Thank you for stopping by! I didn't see this post on my dashboard o_O! Could it be my dashboard is defective??? arghh, oh well! I sport the neutral look a lot now too :) You'll hardly see me try to do any colored look ^_^

For digital cameras, I go with canon. I'm not sure why, I think it's because of my media teacher from highschool. That was the only brand we would use for some reason so it means it has to be good right? I mean she is an industry professional afterall... :)

BTW, love your lashes maggie!

Fashion Cents said...

very fresh and natural looking, yet chic! love it

Anonymous said...

Simple yet stunning!