Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beauty school ponderings- 1st entry

So a couple of weeks ago I bought me quite a load of brushes at MAC. It did some major damage to my wallet, let me tell you.

Charisma, one of the MAC reps gave me this oh so cute tote! Thanks girl!

MAC: 187, 129, 217, 219, 275, 239, 242

 I know I am supposed to do the tag Shar placed upon my oh so small and embarassing make-up collection. But I shall promise to do so tommorow!


Well, because I am going to MAC tommorow! & I can add a few more to its oh so small development! hahaha... I've been waiting for the hubby to get paid and he promised to get me some stuff lol... The one thing I love about him is he actually gives me opinions when we're at MAC. He'll tell me "babe you should get this purple one...  or try this color"Sometimes I don't like his choices but I always acknowledge him for trying... We both try to get into each others hobbies. Like I am sooo not a fix-a-car kinda gal, but I really try. Hey I know how to check the oil and put it in. hahaha... Changing the tire is next lol.

My Baby's car. Isn't it sexy? LOL. He says no, it's gangstaa.. whatev! haha.

I know I haven't been blogging for these past few days. Trust me, my life was just so damn hectic... I'm talking, "pulling your hair out hectic!" I'm a future elementary school teacher and I've been working on my lesson plans and teaching in actual classrooms. Its loads of fun but its stressful, I guess in my situation because I'm still a rookie and I am still trying to find my own style in teaching. I hate to say this, but sometimes I wonder if I should've just went to beauty school or even try to apply to fashion school. I'm just so into it right now that I find myself daydreaming in school of going to MAC to buy something or thinking of ways to play with my hair lol.  Of course millions of girls dream to go to these schools.. But I guess the drive wasn't there from the beginning but its kicking in me. We'll see... Maybe I'll pursue it after I get my BA in elementary education. Which would be funny... But I could teach while going to beauty school... Its just for fun... 


mszcheysser said...

OMG! Maggie :) That's alot of Mac Brushes, I don't even have one yet. Ahhh. Haha.

Krystal said...

hahah. maggie! you made me laugh when you said u daydream in school going to mac buying something.. lol crazyyy girrl, me toO! im thinking of going to beauty school, but we'll see... and btw, i dont think your collection is small, i mean, u got the hello kitty couture and basically ALL the HK collection, so thats like, WOW. haha. hurryyy i wanna see your collection! lol

ekimura said...

great haul!! hope like the blushes

X3MZSHAR said...

holy cow, even i wouldn't blow money all at once like that. Wow your ballin! and i love charisma too. she's awesome! lol. great haul!

Ares G. said...

i am in beauty school and i love it. before that i was studying to be an elementary teacher but that didnt work out. i couldnt picture myself as teacher when im all into hair, makeup and fashion.

i want thoes brushes!! lucky girl.

by the way thanks for stopping by little corner in the blogger world^^

Shantee said...

wow u have alot of mac brushes!
i only have like 2 hahaha..
and yes i remember you!
long time girl!
stay pretty! :)